IllegalStateException when running unit tests in rest module

Hello all;

Am adding a new version of the TaskAction resource for core 2.4.0, on running tests that i have added in the TaskActionController2_4Test class i get

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Two resources with the same name (v1/taskaction) must not have the same order

What does it mean for two resources not to have the same order?

full logs

@ibacher @dkayiwa

@gcliff This might be of some use

thanks @sidvaish97 ,let me look into this

@gcliff could u share a PR as well?

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i have been able to fix the issue ,

i deactivated the parent resource’s support for platform version 2.4.0 and am good to go now

Thank you all

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Not sure I got u well…are u saying the parent had already implemented the TaskAction 2.4 resource already?

The parent was already supporting 2.4