IDs for "Name of X provider"

How should we handle the following in CIEL?

For procedure documentation for a group of surgical training programs, we need to include the following types of questions:

What is the name of the Attending Physician? What is the name of the Surgeon responsible for the chart? What is the name of the Operating Surgeon? What is the name of the 1st surgeon? What is the name of the Anesthetist? etc

Do we need separate IDs for each (similar to Name of Community Health Care worker (164141)?

Or do we need a ConvSet?

  1. Name of healthcare provider (1473)
  2. Surgical Capacity (answers = Operating Surgeon 164221; Attending Surgeon 164222, Anesthetist, 1st assistant , 2nd assistant, …)

Thanks, Steve

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I prefer the latter. Keep inpatient team names together. Can’t expect chw name to be remodeled.

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@akanter thanks! This is very helpful, and will submit this way.