Identifier type drop-down list

Hi Bahmni community, Would it be possible to have a drop-down list of patient identifier types where the registrar can choose from, then input the related id number? for example, choose Passport #, then input P123456 or national Id then input 123456789. Of course the one of the identifiers should be “required”.

In case someone would like to add another Id type, how to add a PLUS sign next to first Identifier field when it is clicked, another Identifier type shows down the first one and so on?

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Hi @arak2002, Bahmni does have this capability to configure multiple identifier type. Please follow Bahmni documentation. This feature was released in Bahmni 0.85.

Thank you @swathivarkala. I know about this feature, but I would like to have a drop-down list of identifier types where i can choose from, and to add more identifiers if I need to by clicking a PLUS sign next to it (just like some pages where there is a Plus sign that enables you to add comments for example).

How such feature can be added to Registration page?

Thanks again

As far as I know, this feature is not possible right now in registration page. As @swathivarkala pointed out all the possible configurations for registration page patient identifier are available in the documentation

Hi @arak2002, You can configure multiple identifiers but not exactly the way you asked for. i.e as Add More on Patient Identifier Field. Instead if you configure multiple identifiers on OpenMRS i.e One of them should be configured as Primary and the others to be non primary. Then you will see the them under Additional Identifiers section on Registration as shown in below screenshot.

Please let us know if this helps.

thanks to you. This definitely helps.