Ideas to try out a new webinar platform?

(This is totally not urgent but just wanted to see if anyone had ideas or suggestions about this topic.)

We would like to experiment with a different webinar/e-conference hosting platform. We now have so many bigger digital sessions together (like the Squad Showcases and Implementer Showcases, and upcoming conference) that we are starting to feel some pain with using our standard Zoom set-up.

Current status: We use Zoom which automatically saves recordings for us, but these take a while to be processed (hours!) before they can be uploaded onto YouTube. People can’t do very much - they can write comments and click a reaction button, but we rarely see people using these features, so it doesn’t end up being a very interactive experience. We cannot do live polls or live reactions, but most importantly we can’t show presenters a count-down timer or a time warning - we have to verbally interrupt them while they are presenting, which is unideal for everyone.


  • Must-Haves:
    • Free or very low cost
    • Participants can speak and share their screens, either on their own or with host permission
    • Recording available promptly after, downloadable
  • Nice to Haves:
    • Show presenters a count-down timer or time warnings (e.g. 1 minute left)
    • Live polls
    • Live reactions

Let us know if you’d like to look into this, or if there are example platforms that come to mind we should look at!

@grace playing devils advocate

  1. If the major reason for switching platforms is the amount of time to decode recordings and upload to YouTube, what options have been considered for Zoom to improve that performance
  2. What is the driver for live polls and reactions
  3. Free or very low cost - what happened to UberConference which was this? What was the consideration for moving to Zoom?

IMO I think the bandwidth cycles on moving from Zoom are better invested in more productive pursuits

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Does not work on phones, in some of our countries. So you miss the meeting if you are not on your computer. :smile:

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And we only have one uberconference room.

So that is Uberconference to Zoom, now moving away from Zoom that is the million dollar question

So some of this might be achievable while sticking with Zoom:

  • Recordings: If we use Zoom’s local recording feature rather than the cloud recording, the video is recorded locally and usually available within minutes of the call ending. There are some limitations to locally recorded Zoom calls, i.e., the cloud recording is generally richer, but that would be a quicker way to get recordings.
  • Polls: Zoom has a poll feature, and using this may just be a matter of setting up the meetings appropriately.

I’ve yet to encounter a video or audio conferencing platform that supports count-down or timer warnings for speakers, but I’ve definitely been to some conferences where that would be a welcome feature :slight_smile:.


@ibacher Thanks for sharing

@grace Looking at the cloud recordings, I did not know the difference, I always used local, is it really a bad thing for the community to have to wait 24 -72 hours for a high quality recording of call… IMO I think nobody would mind, if that is the limitation for current infrastructure which can be communicated and set as an expectation.

Most discussions do not have that level of urgency, if they do then the local recording option can be used

1,000% agree with you @ssmusoke - this is totally a nice-to-have. I didn’t mean to say this is a high priority or even an especially bad pain point; I was just curious if people had any ideas. And low and behold there are solutions right in front of us. Great point @ibacher re. the local recording, I didn’t even think of that :woman_facepalming: - nor did I know about the polling.

FWIW - I’m definitely not suggesting we move away from Zoom in general. It’s perfect for 90%+ of our use cases, and I agree that the recordings are usually not needed at the drop of a hat. It’s just the bigger sessions like Showcases where I’d like to host a more engaging experience. E.g. seeing # of reactions to a presentation would help give me a sense of the amount of interest in a given feature, request, or idea. Trying to gather metrics on what seems to resonate for people. But there are of course additional ways to do this.

Anyway, edited my post above to stress this is just a point of interest, not a burning priority that should take up a cycle of valuable contributor time.

I’ve just gone through our account again and discovered how to set up the polling. I feel like I should send myself a Let me google that for you… link. Case closed.

My apologies for the distraction!!

@grace no apologies needed and thank you for the clarification, I learnt quite a bit during this exchange.

I would go for additional less complex ways of gauging excitement, which is follow up posts, action and discussion rather than likes on a presentation during a showcase.

@grace found this about zoom reactions Home - Zoom Support.