Ideas from potential students for GSoC 2016 projects

Adding to @burke’s idea.

I believe that at this moment, a good reasonable implementation of the Scancer idea would involve making a module that extracts forms, concepts and stores data in a systematic way and in a nutshell (as Burke explained in detail)
After that, we can send this to the cloud where we simply store it in a predefined format and create an API for accessing this data.

@ttcphilips though I love your idea of incorporating Machine Learning and Data-Mining techniques to analyze the data, we also have to keep in mind that OpenMRS is a medical informatics system. Ideally, our primary aim would be (and has been) to have all these records stored and accessible in an easy-to-use format through an API designed by us.

I believe that it’s reasonable to think that most medical organizations have their own sophisticated analytic tools to extract meaningful data for their particular specialized domains (Maybe @darius could enlighten us considering his amazing work with PIH and Regenstrief). What they need, is data which is what we will be focusing on and giving to them in say industry-standard formats, free of cost since this data will be accessible to all.

@r0bby and others, thoughts?

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@r0bby I am more than happy to give this a go. Specially regarding cancer, personally, since my mother passed away fighting against AML M-7 type Leukemia.

@bholagabbar Indeed information was my concern, while processing is an additional step which indeed will help to win the battle.

Developing an abstract architecture at the moment for Scancer. Will attach it soon here to discuss. @r0bby @darius and others, WDYT?

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@ttcphilips I wouldn’t be the mentor of record for this project

As an android developer and with previous experience of working in a health IT sector it would be great if we work on an Android module specifically for doctors (at later stage it can have different interface for different medical officials say for nurse etc) where they can add new appointment with an existing patient or a new one (we can give option to create a new patient via android app itself).Beside that it should store all the other medical records say medical reports, transcripts etc. We can provide offline as well as online support to our application where user can add a new appointment or medical records even on the offline mode and once we are online then we can sync it with our servers.This way we can provide syncing between web app and mobile app.Now the existing web app already contains some of these features which can be added to the existing android app or create a new android client(in material design) with existing API’s. We can also have different type of options for different type of doctor say the knee specialist want ikdc score then we can add such forms into our app as well. We can have features of reminders and push notifications for coming appointment and much more features. I hope this idea is worth considering and I am able to explain myself properly.Please review and comment about this idea.

@r0bby as a mentor I wanted to ask you if this a good idea or its not worth working on? Please reflect your thoughts upon it.


What I think doesn’t matter. I review proposals for my projects. if we all had to review proposals for every project, we’d go crazy.

I understand your situation :slightly_smiling:.I was just wanted to know about if I am thinking in right direction :slightly_smiling:

The person to ping is @raff as he’d be the one deciding what works.

@raff please let me know your thoughts about my ideas if they can be useful or not.

@vjs3, please create a separate topic for your ideas and let me reply there. Before posting reconsider your ideas based on the time limit we have during GSoC, prioritize them and think about some ways on how to implement them. Basically do not just throw any idea that is in your head, but put some thought in them.

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@raff ok, I will do that in a day or two after analayzing everything.

Hi everyone. Please now create new topics for discussions about specific GSoC 2016 projects. Thanks!