Idea: Creating a platform for the collection of old hardware from companies

It might be that there is some IT hardware available in companies which is not needed anymore. Probably they are open to donate those things. The Linux for Africa project proves this hypothesis. Those things could be very helpful for server and client hardware in low resource environments.

Further, here is an interesting example what can be done with “ewaste”: Prison inmates built working PCs out of ewaste, networked them, and hid them in a closet ceiling

I just realized what an awful lot of work this idea implies:

  • Building a website with reference stories
  • Support feature for people to request hardware
  • Support feature for people to sponsor hardware
  • Support feature for people to sponsor shipping costs
  • People and place for the national shipping and storing it temporarily
  • Composing computers out of the individual parts
  • Actually distributing the hardware via international shipping to the final destination
  • Installing and configuring the hardware.

Unfortunately it is not possible for me to delete this thread. Otherwise I would have done it now because supporting the realization of this idea exceeds my spare capacities by magnitudes. :neutral_face: