IDCard module needed

@alagoa for the OMOD just clone the module, build it with mvn clean install and you will have the latest omod file that works with reference application 2.10

Thanks. Tried that but it fails on build. Errors on pastebin above. The omod from the addon repository loads but cannot be activated show an error of " unable to load/find moduleActivator.


@alagoa can you show us the full log here

@alagoa what are you planning to use this module for?

Mainly to print out labels to stick on blood request bottles, radiology request forms and on patients paper documents. Thanks

Are you looking for something like this? Best approach for having Patient ID card in OpenMRS 2x and RefApp 2x

Thanks. I saw this a few weeks ago and didn’t know where to start and had look for an easier option. Might read through the steps this weekeend. I really appreciate your help.

Definitely getting the idcards module to compile and run on the reference application version 2.10, is going to require writing some code. The easier option. :smile:

Thanks Daniel! Went through the Xreport solution. Followed the steps by Hpardess in 87/88. Followed steps 1 to parts of step 5 easily. From extension bit, no luck. No luck from there. He assumed everyone is a developer. Some of us are just good in copy and paste when it comes to IT. :sweat_smile:

Do you have samples for how your print out should look like?

Patient Full Nama Patient Date of Birth Patient hospital ID These are the important bits.

If possible, address and Phone number.

Many thanks. NB: Any design conating these is completely fine.

Do you think you can come up with a sample design?

Similar to this but without the barcode Thanks

The topmost number should be the date of birth. Thanks

Will you be available 2 hrs from now and i walk you through it?

Yes unless an emergency crops up at my end. Many thanks

Are you available now at?

Sorry Daniel, a bit tied up now. Is it okay in an hour?

Cool. Ping me when you are ready.

Ready now. But the internet is really awful at this time . May I ping you during the day tomorrow? Cheers

Fine by me.