ID outage on 19th December

Hi everyone, Continuing with migration to Jetstream we are scheduling migration of on 19th December 4 am UTC. SignUp with ID will be disabled during this time. Expected outage time is 4 hours.


Thanks @sparshadotel. Great to see this happening. I’m crossing my fingers that this time will go smoothly. :slight_smile:

FYI - I adjusted the times in back 5 hours, since uses US/Eastern, which is currently UTC-5.

@dkayiwa and @jwnasambu , this affect you.

We do have some hope that after this migration, timeouts during sign ups will not happen anymore (at least not so frequently).

But atlas login will break, until someone fixes the code in atlas or ID (not sure which one is broken).

Thanks @cintiadr for keeping us informed :slight_smile:

@cintiadr thanks for the info

Both Atlas and Desk (Help Desk) sign in will break. That was part of the reason I reverted the upgrade, but there is have no choice but to upgrade now.

this is starting now

@all We have successfully migrated LDAP, ID and Crowd to, and respectively. ID dashboard is now updated to 2.1. The outage was 4 hours.

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FWIW, ever since ID dashboard was upgraded to 2.1, i have never got even a single time out error! :smile:

Thanks @cintiadr, @sparshadotel and @r0bby :slight_smile:


YAY! I was curious if you got issues :slight_smile: