ID dashboard is down


OS refuses to start after OS patching ¯_(ツ)_/¯

:pray:t6: @cintiadr You can do it … Sending #HugOps let us know if anyway to help

Uncle @ssmusoke i almost said exactly that. But i was like, really, this is a game where i can’t beat @cintiadr to be of help. :smile:


I think we are back. I’m documenting the whole shebang in

Openstack refused to stop the old VM, to let me use the previous data volume and detach it from the previous VM.

So I used a hammer I told terraform to forget it ever created a VM/data volume. We have a brand new VM, I recovered the newest backup. Because the way id dashboard works, it should recover information from ldap. I don’t expect any data to be lost.

I will follow tomorrow to ensure backups are working as expected.

@cintiadr i wish you were coming to this year’s conference. I would buy for you something! :slight_smile:

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Maybe next year :slight_smile:

As you already know, I don’t live here, I hide here, falling out of the map!

A promise is a debt, so we shall see you next year’s conference in the mean time we shall stock up on the goodies for you until if we find a mule coming down to Oz …