I need help trying out my first OpenMRS module


My name is Kang Breder from Cameroon. I am a Final Year student at Faculty of Engineering and technology, University of Buea. I am a GSoC 2020 aspirant and interested in contributing to OpenMRS .

I am currently using the https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer guide for contributing to OpenMRS. i am at step 8. I just created my first OpenMRS module. I want to try out the module but when run the platofrm, i can’t see any administration section where i can upload my module.

I am running the instance from the webapp directory of my openmrs-core clone

I need help on this please

@kangbreder build your module ie run mvn clean install in the root folder of your module to acquire the omod file which you will manually deploy in the modules folder of platform,then you can run the platform and be able to see you module in Openmrs under administration page

Thank you for responding @gcliff

I have built the module. I have the omod file already. I do not know exactly where to manually deploy this file

cd in appdata then cd in modules folder and you will see a list of omod files of other modules

I am can not find the appdata directory in my openmrs-core clone. Am i to do that somewhere else?

@kangbreder how are u running the openmrs instance are u using the sdk or you deployed the war file or probably using the standalone version?

you need to download openmrs-core and then be able to access the appdata folder like below or use the sdk Capture.appdata

I deployed the war file into jetty container. So i am running mvn jetty:run in the webapp directory of my core clone

Okay. Let me do that

check this path: C:\Users\YOUR_SYS_NAME\openmrs

In there you will see a folder named as your openmrs server

@gcliff @sharif Please could i get help on running the standalone reference app?

I used java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar but it tells me I am unable to access the jar file

As in permission denied or cannot find? In the command prompt are you in the same directory as the jar file?

Thanks a lot @captaindavinci I have succeeded to run the standalone. I think it was because i was not in the directory of the jar file.


Thats so great, i remember telling you such on IRC and telegram but great now you are good to go