I need assistance on TRUNK-3295

Hi community, i had network issues in the past but about to be solved.

Apart from the above challenge, can any member help/guide me on NECESSARY CHANGES needed on THIS Ticket.

NB; i’m new to coding.

Your right on point response is not only welcome but appreciated also. @jwnasambu @herbert24 and anyone who can help.


for this,when logging in to openmrs one has to use an email as a username,meaning in case it is not an email,one should not be able to login

OpenMRS users contains a system ID and a username. System ID is required and is supposed to be used as a unique identifier for the user throughout the application. For example, if there are two providers named John Doe, you could distinguish references to them in the app and on reports by their system ID:

  • John Doe (123-0)
  • John Doe (456-4)

The username was created as an optional token for convenience when logging in (so people wouldn’t have to remember their system ID).

Ideally, we would have email address as a separate property of user for the purposes of contacting users, password reset, etc.

  • Allowing users to login with their email (by setting username to their email) would be fine. Even allowing an implementation to enforce an email format for username is fine. But I would avoid using username as an email address – i.e., any code that assumes users.username is an email address will eventually break; a separate users.email should be added & used for that purpose.

  • Username can be any format (ideally controlled by admin), but must be unique – i.e., whatever the format, we should not allow to users to have the same username.

  • If we do want to support people logging in using an email address (i.e., allow username to have email address format), we should examine where username is displayed. For example, showing the username on the screen to the user is fine, but if we are displaying usernames on screens or in reports to others, then we could end up leaking email addresses.


Thank you so much dear members @herbert24 @burke who popped in for help as my request was. I am very SORRY for being far from the reach of your help due to persisting NETWORK challenges on my machine though i hope to come out victorious in this war.

Following your ideas is a stepping stone . Pliz, THANK YOU. :hugs:

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