I have failed to setup the openmrs sdk, brings errors

@ekanumaf can i have a look at your directory or the command you entered into cmd

Can you share the full log using pastebin.com

Try using pastebin.com, copy all the logs and paste then in the pastebin.com, then share the link

openmrs-sdk_installation_failure.txt (102.4 KB)

@ekanumaf the error is caused by the space in the folder path “3AM MINISTRIES” .removing the space would let the tests pass. …Necessarily doesnt mean changing your device name but creating a new folder on drive c with a single name and placing all openmrs sources there…then run cmd from there!

Kindly re-run mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk and share the output.

I suspect the Maven migration may be the course!

@jwnasambu it worked. am greatful for all

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thanks a lot @lumuchris256 it worked finally

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staff worked finnaly @sharif

Great Well done :+1: :+1: