I have a question about running OpenMRS online (not in a localhost)

Hi all, I’m writting to know if someone could tell me how to run OpenMRS online, not in a localhost. I’ve already installed it but i want to access it remotely. Thanks for your help.

Hi @lucassimu, you can access it with the “server’s” IP address; just replace localhost with the server’s IP address in the URL you’re using to access it. If the “server” doesn’t have a routable IP, you may need to configure your firewall, or even contact your ISP for assistance/upgrade to routable IP, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Can you explain how you set it up? If it’s running on something like Digital Ocean, then you should just be able to access it using the IP address, as @arbaughj says. If you’re running in another environment there could be additional configuration required.

I have the .war file deployed in tomcat, but it’s running in a localhost and I want it running in an Internet server. Regards!

What is the IP address of the server where tomcat is running? You should be able to access OpenMRS from other computers on your network (so long as they are in the same subnet), using that IP address.

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And what can I do if I want it running from other computers in different networks?

You will need to have a rout-able IP address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you don’t assign it directly to your server, you will need a router configured to pass the appropriate port to your server on the local network.

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