I can see a private ITSM issue

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Then you should not see it :stuck_out_tongue: Just kiddding :smiley: :wink: :heartbeat:

From the project settings, any JIRA user should be able to see it.

I suspected so. The question is, is it configured that way intentionally? Since it does say “Private” and “ITSM & Reporter”. Just a concern for security :zipper_mouth_face:

Can you put that as a comment on the ticket?

Done. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/ITSM-4153

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That’s a nice catch.

I wonder since when that’s the case. Can you check now?

Seems fixed. I am no longer able to see ITSM-4153 or any other Private issues that I could previously access. Thanks!

Hey @cintiadr, I’m still able to see it and even start progress on it

afaik the security level has been removed from that particular issue. Can you see any other “Private” issue?

No, I think its fine now :smiley: