i can not start start clinical service after installing Bahmni

After successfully installing Bahmni in local machine running CentOS 6.9 but when i try to launch bahmni and click on clinical service doesn’t start instead it gives server error 404 " the requested URL /bahmni/home was not found on this server". i have tried to troubleshoot the error but it is not working. am failing to locate the URL. can anyone help me on this? thank you for you time.

Having same problem for Bahmni 0.92 installation on centos 7.6. lab Service and “inventory and billing” can start.

Check if the services are running - https, openmrs, bahmni-lab, odoo etc.

service --status-all

service (name) status

All the relevant services are running if we assume httpd service rather than https. And the solution appears to be https://localhost rather than http://localhost. Although now the bahmni dashboard appears blank after login which might be a different problem altogether.

thats right - httpd (typo in prev post)