I can not build module after creating it

I can not build module after creating it

Oh sorry for the error! Kindly use paste bin to share the entire error logs because the screenshoot you shared the error is not reflected clearly.

Sorry,I added the url into it.Could you please have a look :sweat_smile:

Kindly first move to the module directory by running this command

cd basicexample then run

mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run (You will be asked to choose the server id, which you want this new module to be deployed to feel free to choose the sdk instance you created before).

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Hello @zzy , Looks like you created a module that depends on reference application-2.4 which is the default if i guess.

I would say theres a bug probably in SDK, and you would need to manually fix a few things manualy in that module skelton before you build it.

Probably try creating a module project that depends on more recent versions of the reff reff app probably like 2.10.0 0r 2.11.0 .

you would have a module project with litle or no issues at all