I am stuck importing a module using ECLIPSE IDE

Hey community members, I need help, my ECLIPSE is not IMPORTING. After selecting the folder, it does neither imports nor opens the FINISH button. I am stuck, what could be the problem? THANKS. @jwnasambu @sharif @herbert24

Sorry about this! after selecting the folder from the root directory ensure you select all by checking in the button in the work space

Thanks @jwnasambu, @amosalimpa There’s this youtube video from this page https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer that you can refer to that is quite helpful for your case

@amosalimpa probably you could be trying to import a wrong folder,which module could you be trying to import,have you tried to import it as an existing maven project? hoping its not an open wepp app!!

Thank you dear @jwnasambu @odorajonathan @herbert24 i was still trying what the first respondents advised me. I am importing OPENMRS-CORE and i was hoping to be importing the right folder though unsuccessful. Lem watch the video @odorajonathan has shared also. Nevertheless, thank you big ALL.

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import it as an existing maven project from your eclipse

That’s exactly what i was trying to do but in vain.

To be able to get a clear answer, kindly share the steps you have followed it will help members to figure out the error.

these were the steps; after launching the eclipse & clicking on file, clicked import, maven then existing maven projects,clicked next then went to local disk as my folder-users-hp-openmrs tickets, opened openmrs-core selected folder but the button FINISH is not open nor IMPORTING process starts.

Note that on my gitbash all is well coz it showed me my cloned master branch & checked out & it showed me my ticket ID.

Your error is due to the wrong project imported. To solve this, import the the project you cloned which is openmrs-core .

is this supposed to be found in my folder? for this is the project i apparently have.

@amosalimpa When you git clone a repository, Git automatically adds a remote named origin which refers to the place from which you cloned the repository.

git remote -v

will show you all of your remotes and their URLs.

If you have removed this remote, then you cannot tell from where the repo was cloned.

@amosalimpa just in case you deleted the imported project from Eclipse but you did not remove from the disk. This steps will help resolve the problem.

Exit Eclipse

Delete the project's .settings directory

Delete the project's .project directory

Delete the workspace's .metadata directory

Restart Eclipse

Importe the Maven project again by using the option “Existing Maven Project” from the Import menu