I am not able to find Jetty on the provided link

Hello community, I need your help again…can i still get Jetty on this link…below is the response i get every time i try to reach it. Please help

@brenda29 kindly, have you tried connecting Jetty to Eclipse using the Jetty Plugin? I believe its one of the easiest ways. The quickest way to install the plugin is through the Marketplace. To access the Eclipse Marketplace Client from the Eclipse IDE,

  • Press Cltr + 3 (Windows OS) or Command + 3 (Mac OS) (this will launch the Quick Access search bar)
  • Start typing Eclipse Marketplace it will auto-complete before you finish typing. Click Enter.
  • Search for jetty and install solution.

Thank you so much jwnasambu. This was very helpfull. Done with this stage finally. Now will see what comes next.