HtmlFormEntry Usage

I have been checking out the HtmlFormEntry module and how it is used in the Reference Application and I had a hard time finding out how to test out the forms I was building until I discovered I had to use the legacyUi to test out this. It is confusing when someone sees htmlformentryui which I believe is leveraging UI Framework and they never see their changes of the pages…Perhaps we could add this in the documentation or if it exists and I failed to find it; then we should at least put it on the front page of the HtmlFormEntryModule wiki…cc @mogoodrich @dkayiwa @mozzy @ruhanga

@reagan you need to add your forms to the Form App so that they appear in the Ref App UI

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Thanks @ssmusoke… The link you have shared seems to be throwing an error

@regan what error? The more information that you provide the better

The link you shared throws a NPE.

Could you point me to the documentation?..Thanks