HtmlformEntry multiple select

While trying out the HTMLFORMENTRY module I seem to be failing to have a successful obs widget that can allow me select multiple answers…attached is my added line of code and preview that shows my failed attempt to add another concept…Is my code snippet having an issue or? @dkayiwa @samuel34 @ruhanga @ssmusoke @mozzy

hello @reagan can this be of help

The sample code shared there doesnt answer to my question of multiple selections…

i want to be able to archieve what this show in the first section…

@reagan doing a quick search, I didn’t see us using the “selectMulti” functionality anymore within our code, so it’s entirely possible that this is broken.

@ball do you remember if we still use this functionality anywhere?

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I don’t know the “selectMulti” htmlform attribute and can’t find in the htmlform documentation. We don’t use for PIH EMR, but possible it could be used for Rwanda? @jberchmas?

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I remember some like that once existed , but i also cant find it . Let me try it out

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