HTML Form Entry Required Elements

What is the reason for requiring all HTML forms to ask for Encounter date/location/provider in HTML Form Entry? Can these fields be optional?

The OpenMRS platform requires that every encounter have a date. It used to require that every encounter have a provider. (It looks like encounter.location is not required by the platform.)

HTML Form Entry requires these things because the core platform does (or used to, or perhaps because I thought it did), and we haven’t relaxed this constraint.

I guess you could submit a PR to the HTML Form Entry module to relax some of these constraints if they are causing a problem for you.

Thanks for the feedback @darius. I’m an implementer, I’ve created this ticket for help in tracking this effort:

Sorry, @whiscard, I just saw this thread now… I will reopen the ticket because it is a bit different than the one that I marked it as a duplicate of–I didn’t know that encounter provider and encounter location are no (or no longer) mandatory. Making these optional in Html Form Entry should, I hope, be straightforward then… if date is still mandatory, then it would require allowing for “encounterless” html forms, a much bigger project and what the other ticket is about.


Noted with thanks @mogoodrich.