HTML Form Entry Help

Platform Version: 1.111.4 WAR

Question: New to OpenMRS and the HTML Form Entry Module. Could someone please direct me to good examples of looking up previous information of encounters and observations ? I looked at the HTML Form Entry Module HTML Reference guide which helped somewhat, but a working example would be great ! I created a form and saved the selected items (text and check box info) and now would like to retrieve those selected items back into the form. Any suggestion or examples would be greatly appreciated !!!

This should happen out-of-the-box when you re-open the form in “view” mode. Are you not seeing a way to reopen an existing encounter?


Hi MarkThanks for your reply. No I am not seeing a way to reopen an encounter using theform. When you say “View Mode” is that in the html as follows:

As mentioned, I created an input form for H & P (Health History and Physical)with a series of check boxes and textarea’s.

I am able to capture the data and see it in the patient’s flowsheet in summary form, but would like to bring up the html form and see the items populate back as they were entered. I thought maybe using lookup but had problems.

Any help would be appreciated.ThanksBob

Ah, so it looks like the form is not editable… if it was. a pencil “edit” icon would appear to next to the delete “X”.

Looks at the reference app documentation, it looks like you aren’t currently able to make your custom-made forms editable. I see this as a ticket:

“This is how it’s done for the built-in reference application forms. There is currently not a way to edit your own forms.”

This is definitely something that should be ticketed and prioritized… I would recommend starting another thread…


Hi Mark,Thanks for your reply. Question. Is it possible to just modify a module in openmrs without bringingin the core application. What I would like to do is insert code into the reference application module,build it, and then add it to our copy of openmrs application. I started installing a developer’s environment(maven, eclipse, mysql, tomcat, etc) and followed instructions I found online. The problem was thatit ran into errors in eclipse. If not, might you have a good step by step document (current) to follow for installing the developers environment ?Again, any help would be appreciated !!!ThanksBob

@wyclif @dkayiwa @raff Can you point Bob to the latest documentation as to how to set up a development environment?

Bob, you can certainly take the reference application module, customize it, and swap it out in your implementation without having to worry about touching the existing code of core or any other modules.

@darius is this our recommended path for customizing the reference application at this point, to modify the existing reference application module? Thoughts on whether it would be better for Bob to fork the reference application module, or to create a new module based on the reference application module (with a new name specific to his implementation)?

Thanks! Mark

Hi, It would be great to be able to set up a development environment but I am running into errors when following instructions found on internet. Could someone please point me to the latest documentation. Would love to get involved. Thanks Bob


There are two approaches you can take, depending on how much customization you want to do.

Option 1 is to (in github) fork the referenceapplication module, and make your changes directly there. I think this approach is cleaner/better, if you’re in a position to write code.

Option 2 is to leave the referenceapplication module as-is, and use the administrative tools to disable the forms/apps from it that you don’t want, and create new forms which you can do either through the UI or through your own module. I don’t personally like this approach as much, but some people do prefer to approach it this way.

The getting started as a developer documentation is at