HTML Form Entry does not compile against Platform 1.10.x

While doing the latest release of the Html Form Entry module I found the following ticket that has yet to be completed:

Basically, Html Form Entry does not compile against OpenMRS 1.10.x because the various order-related tags (specifically DrugOrder and StandardRegimen) have not be updated to work with the order refactoring that happened between 1.9 and 1.10.

So, assumedly, anyone who attempts to use these tags in a 1.10.x will get a stack trace. I don’t think these tags are in widespread use (though I believe we do use these in Rwanda), so this isn’t a huge issue, but we should determine a path forward here.

Take care, Mark

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@mogoodrich do you intend to address the issue soon?

Not unless there is a need for Rwanda. @mseaton

No, no need for us in Rwanda yet. PIH is not planning on working on this ticket in the short term.