how to work on several version of OpenMrs-Core Api on a single computer?

Hello everyone . I am currently working on OpenMrs-core 2.3.x and I want to work on version 2.2.x of OpenMrs-core. I have tried to create a local branch called 2.2.x and I have pulled the remote branch 2.2.x in the local branch 2.2.x. but it didn’t work because of the merge conflicts. Someone have an idea? thanks cc @sharif , @mozzy and @gcliff

use git branch -a to see all the available branches,then git checkout branchaname to get to the branch you want to work on

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You will also need to use different directories such that you can track your repositories. Clone a module in one directory, then clone another version of core on different folder, This will enable you to work on specific repo at the same time on one computer.Then if your work is merged,( git -rebase upstream master ) to update your merged work to master with your another former work you had cloned,


thank you @herbert24 and @sharif

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to avoid any unnecesary conflicts because of improper git workflows , simply place your local clones in separate folders

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