How to use the encounterDiagnoses tag in HTML Form Entry?

Whoever has used this tag in HFE to please point to me where its documentation is or atleast educate me how to use it well. When I ad it on the form I get a search field that eventually has widget for primary and secondary but am unable to submit to the database. It always return an error of conducting the system administrator. @mogoodrich @mseaton

@ningosi - what tag are you referring to? Diagnosis perhaps?

Yes. this one

Sorry, this is the tag encounterDiagnoses

Unfortunately, it looks like this isn’t documented beyond a few sentences in the top of this file:

Does that help at all?

What is the underlying error message in the logs when you get the “contact system administrator” message?

Take care, Mark

this what I can see on the logs after clicking the enter form button:

@darius @mseaton anything am doing wrong? what parameters are compulsory and which ones are optional? Through the console, I get error 500 (Internal server error)

Sorry guys @mogoodrich @mseaton @darius just realized a missing visit on the POST request. Was this tag designed to work only when a form is in a visit?

Ugh. This looks like a tricky one to debug. What concept dictionary are you using? Would it be possible to test with a dictionary that has a very small set of diagnoses? It may be that one or more of the concepts in the diagnosis set is causing a problem. Just a guess though.

Also, which versions of HFE, Core Apps, and HFE-UI modules are you using?

Take care, Mark