How to use "forms display control" in visit dashboard

I have seen it must be possible as the Observations default section looks exactly like what I want.

I am getting the error:

“TypeError: Cannot set property ‘visitUuids’ of undefined”


"adverseEventsForms": {
"type": "forms",
"displayOrder": 6,
"dashboardConfig": {
    "maximumNoOfVisits": 10
"formGroup":["Baseline","Treatment Initiation","Serious Adverse Events Template","Pregnancy Report Form Template"],

I ended up explicitly listing all the observation forms, could be good to update documentation that not all Display Controls works in the visit dashboard.

        "type": "observation",
        "displayOrder": 2,
        "config": {
            "conceptNames": [
                "Obs1 Form",
                "Obs2 Form",
                "Obs3 Form"

@ouiliam do you think you can make this update to the documentation?

Yes, I’ve just added it here: