How to use Bahmni app?

Dear sir, How do I use the Bahmni app? Kindly help. Colonel Rakesh,VSM(Retired), Bangalore

Hey @jaklibhardwaj

Thanks for your interest in Bahmni. If the requirements are for Clinics & Small Hospitals (< 25 beds), do take a look at Bahmni-lite, where you have access to Bahmni 1.0.0. Bahmni LITE 1.0.0 is the latest version of Bahmni, released on 15-June-2023. Bahmni LITE is preconfigured for use in clinics and small hospitals.

If the requirement is for a large Hospital (> 100 beds), checkout Bahmni.

To understand more about Bahmni Lite, please refer For further details visit About Bahmni.

Feel free to attend our weekly Wednesday evening community calls, which are open to all – for Q&A and to see demos / discussions of work that is under development. More details of the weekly community PAT call are here.

I hope this helps.