How to test a core openmrs.war on an SDK-created Distribution server


when working on openmrs-core, I would like to test the packaged .war on a configured distribution server, without having to resort to mvn jetty:run and adding the modules, etc. The easiest way would be if I could use my .war file on the server I created via openmrs-sdk:setup.

I tried to replace the existing openmrs-2.0.6.war file, and renamed it so there is no version error, but it doesn’t seem to actually use my .war, as my changes are not there.

Is there another way to achieve this?

Kind regards, Florian


the simplest way is to run mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:deploy from the openmrs-core project directory.

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Hello Rafal,

thanks for your reply. When I start the server I deployed it on, it tells me that it is in maintenance mode and needs to do some database updates (e.g. Add unique_id column to concept_reference_source and more). This fails, and I get these errors:

The server I deployed it on was a Distribution Server with default settings, are there any settings that have to be made to make it work?

Can you just build a new server?

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The other alternative is to use the current snapshot version of the serialization module.

I built a new server as a platform server, and it works now. So I guess the error happened because the server already went through the setup stages with the other openmrs-core .war file and this caused problems, when deploying a new one? My first try was also with a Reference Application server, not sure if deploying it on a platform server made any difference.

Anyway, thanks for the help.