How to store patient advice's (Drug Orders) like Lids Hygiene etc that are not drugs.

We have a specific use case for patient related to ophthalmology.During drug advice doctor also gives other instructions to patient.I want to know how we can store these instruction.The instruction will need to store in patient record not with drug order. For example Doctor advice the following drug to a patient


  • FML E/D 1+1+1
  • Tears Forte E/D 1+1+1
  • Lids hygiene 1+1
  • Warm Compressors

@dkayiwa would you please provide some input on this.

What does the second part stand for here? Eg. ‘1+1+1’.

And is the first part a free text? Eg. ‘FML E/D’.

Sorry for the confusion,it means patient will take 1 tablet three times.(morning,evening,night).Please consider it as drug name. FML is a drug name and E/D is eye drop. Tears Forte E/D is also a drug.

We are able to store these drug using drug order api.We are interested to store the below two instruction with patient record

  • Lids hygiene 1+1
  • Warm Compressors

these are instruction that gave doctor to patient and we want to store them these instruction in patient record not as drug instruction.I hope it will clear things now.

i suggest you create and store the Advice from the Doctor under an independent field labelled Additional Advice

thanks for the suggestion,Would you like to also suggest at backend where we can store that advice?

I would think all this should be stored under the specific patient name such that on one click about that particular patient,all these details should be visible to the end user during reviews and visits.