How to start openMRS ( Radiology and Pharma ) module ?

Hi, I am new to OpenMRS and have extensive experiences as j2ee developer.

Currently I am interesting to start openmrs with focus in radiology and pharma modules.

How to start ? ( i have a very slow laptop windows7 celeron )



@teleivo can you guide @bambanglim? :slight_smile:

Hi @bambanglim

Welcome to the community. To get started development, go through these resources,


feel free to ask any questions as you move along. :slight_smile:

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yes, welcome @bambanglim !

I just updated the wiki, since the radiology module now depends on openmrs platform 2.0 (which is not yet officially released, for now I think its best if you build it yourself from the latest


platform 2.0 does not come with a UI anymore, its provides JAVA and REST API and gives you the freedom to install the UI of your choice or create one yourself.

The radiology module currently only has a legacy UI. If you want to use that on you also need to install the

REST services for the radiology module are in progress.

Also an important note, at the moment we do not talk to any PACS, so you dont necessarily need to install one (please forgive me, I still have to update the latest installation guide pdf).

If you need anything just tell us!

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thank you Daniel, Ivange and Ivo.