How to send Patient Contact number(Person attribute) from Bahmni EMR to OpenELIS from

I want to send Patient contact number(Person attribute) from Bahmni EMR to OpenElis. I am not able to find API which send Patient data from Bahmni EMR to OpenElis .and Contact number is my Person attribute , so any one can suggest how to achieve this.

Without code change, no. But you can modify the code a bit like this from new “odoo-modules” and replace this code in “openerp-modules”

Sorry replied too early! Unfortunately, not so easy for OpenELIS, since there is no extensible model as such like odoo/erp “res_partner_attributes”. So you would have to fork the codebase, enhance the model, change the codebase for ORM files and also the struts forms. :frowning:

Hi @angshuonline Can you tell me Code Path .which send Patient data from OpenMRS to OpenElis

you can start tracing from here

@angshuonline Thanks for Suggestion, I have got solution on same file
String patientJSON contain all Patient data From openmrs , We need to consume only.