How to save and reload user preferences?

Hi all,

Application Name: Ref App Version Number: 2.3+

Question: How would one save and reload user preferences? Would there be something similar to the global properties but that works on a per user basis?

I don’t quite understand the question.

The API has a User.userProperties property. There’s not a general UI for setting these, rather the application uses them under the hood for things like the user’s preferred locale and proficient languages.

Also, incorrectly (in my opinion) we also use these for things the user shouldn’t control, like temporarily locking a user account in case of too many failed login attempts.

Perfect, I think that’s what I was looking for. I will give it a try. I would like to save some UI states and ensure that they reload the same way as the were when the user last left the page. I guess I could as well use cookies, depending on how permanent I want things to be.