How to repeat Radiology order for IPD patient ?

Q) How to repeat Radiology order for IPD patient

Patient Registered and Admitted (IPD) Doctor orders Radiology X-Ray Chest - 1 view X-Ray taken and image uploaded through Orders. Doctor sees the result in Consultation. (Is this not order fulfillment?) Next day want reorder same X-Ray Chest - 1 view but in Consultation->Orders->Radiology->Chest->Chest-1 view is already selected (due to previous day order).

  1. In this case how to reorder X-Ray?
  2. Should that Chest-1 view have not been unchecked after Order Fulfillment?
  3. Or are we missing on Order Fulfillment process?

Hi @nawazshaikh,

In the OpenMRS - Administration – Advanced Settings, you should find a property named “bahmni.encountersession.duration”, please can you let us know what is the value for it. By default it is 60min which keeps the consultation active post which reorder should be possible. Alternatively logging in as another user should also enable you to place the order.

A visit can have multiple encounters, an encounter is termed as an interaction between doctor and patient. An encounter by default is active for 60min (to allow modifications/cancellations) which can be setup as per requirement using setting above. Only after the completion of that defined encounter active session, reordering is possible.

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@vmalini The value of bahmni.encountersession.duration is 60.

Is it not a cleaner way to make it happen automatically through order fulfillment process that is when technician uploads ordered images?

Hi @nawazshaikh,

Can you try the below steps and let us know the result?

  1. Create new Patient
  2. Start OPD Visit for the patient
  3. Enter data in any form ex:Vitals form for the Patient under Consultation Observations Tab and save.
  4. After 1 hour or more time, please go back to same patient and look at Consultation Observations Tab.
  5. Do you still see the entered form there?

The thing is any data entered under Consultation (Observations, Diagnosis, Medications, Orders) will be active/visible in Consultation only for the configured Encounter Session Duration as @vmalini explained for modifications. Once the encounter closes then the data will not be available under consultation to make a new Encounter created.

You can try the same on which works as i have explained.