How to remove extra Appointment module icon in the Bahmni dashboard

I used the latest versions of the modules but the modules couldn’t be started. so i downloaded the versions provided above and it worked like a charm. Am on windows 8. my problem is that i am having two(2) appointments tabs in my dashboard; one for openmrs and the other for bahmni. how can i take out the openmrs tab since it’s a redundancy?

(posted on behalf of a Community Member)

Hi Adongo Justice,

Looks like you have same Appointment configuration with the different icon in the Bahmni home page. Both OpenMRS module and Bahmni module are same and Bahmni is using OpenMRS Appointment scheduling module. We haven’t developed Appointment scheduling module for Bahmni. But its there in the Bahmni Roadmap. Check this Trello card for more details.

You can delete this extra configuration from /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/home/extension.json file.