How to release a new version of an existing comunity owned module

i need to release a a new version of the formfilter module. i ever follwed the instructions given here

but they basically describe , releasing a new version to your own bintray account. now the issue here is am supposed to release a version to an existing bintray repository i have no rights over…

some help. @tendomart @irenyak1 @dkayiwa @jwnasambu

i think i wudnt have to repeat the steps of creating bintray accounts, packages. PR to the addon index etc… as far as i think , its just placing the new version to the corresponding bitray REPO… but unfortunately i have no full acces to that repo…

  1. What version do you want to release - as someone in the community may be able to help?

  2. You need to be at least a /dev/3 to release - if I remember well but stand to be corrected.

Remember you do not have to do everything yourself, at times you can ask then get help

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Hi @mozzy

You can release a new version of that existing module under your profile, and send a request via OpenMRS help desk to update the module version in the OpenMRS Repository.

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hi @suthagar23 . i have realesed the version 1.3 of the module here on my account and made a request to the help desk to update the openmrs the bintary repository of the module .

If a module has a CI plan then you should do it from bamboo as described here and then release it in Jira if it has a JIRA project, if it doesn’t have a CI plan it’s good to add one following this same page.

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Is this your module?

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yes @reubenv thats it

ok hx @wyclif , ill try that