How to propose an unlisted GSoC project idea?

@michael, @burke question: can a GSOC applicant propose his own project idea ? If, yes whom should I address ?

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Yes, that is possible! But you will need to quickly work to find a qualified mentor interested in guiding the project. Who that mentor is depends on the topic that you are considering.

  1. Find a mentor & get them to endorse your idea as viable
  2. Ensure that mentor gets qualified & listed as an official OpenMRS GSoC mentor (if not already)
  3. Work with that mentor to develop your proposal and submit it before the deadline
  4. Be evaluated alongside any other proposals that mentor receives for his or her listed project(s).

Remember, a person can only be the primary mentor for one single project during the program, so you’ll need to ensure your proposal is the best among all proposals that mentor receives. :slightly_smiling:

You can use this Talk category #community:gsoc to propose your ideas and hopefully recruit a mentor to endorse your proposal!

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To make matters even more interesting, the bar is set higher for you. You have to be even more detailed than a normal proposal.

Thanks for all the info!

yeah I suppose a new project’s proposal should be more detailed :slightly_smiling:

Don’t let that stop you. This is a special community.

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I can’t seem to get hold of my mentors, but I have some interesting work to do on DIT module this year. I’ll create a thread on this.

Nice thought @zakaria.amine :slightly_smiling:

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