How to print or get PDF export of patient dashboard?

1.11.4 2.2

Hello Experts,

How can I add the print icon on the patient dashboard page so that when a person clicks on it, a nice formatted PDF file with patient summary information is shown for printing.

Any pointers or modules that achieve this functionality.

Thanks for the help.


Can you show me an example of how this patient summary should look like? Then i will point you to the appropriate place!

Hello Daniel,

It should be a page like in the attachment patient summary PDF.pdf (86.1 KB)

There should not be any general actions section to the right.

This page, I generated by the context menu’s print command using the mouse right click.

I don’t want to right click on the page and issue print, but a print icon somewhere near “Visits” section so that the user clicks to print the page without the general actions section.

Thank you for your time.