How to print a specific visit details of a Patient from visits page? OpenMRS 2x RefApp 2x

How can I print a specific visit of a patient (either past visit or active visit) from visits page?

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How would you like the printout to look like? Do you have a sample?

here I have designed a detailed visit report.

Most of the sections will be repeated like

  • Visit Note section (Clinical Note box)
  • Vitals
  • Transfer
  • Appointments

This report will have all the details of the visit we can have in OpenMRS.

Note: each counter group should be displayed in des order.

Then same report with only latest encounter of each type will present best patient summary report (just one box should be added at end to have brief past medical history).

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@dkayiwa I don’t believe we have this feature, do we? I think it would make for a really cool task/ticket

@hpardess you could create a ticket as @bholagabbar suggests.

@darius What do you think? I think makes for a valuable addition to the ref app.

@hpardess, thanks for posting the idea! There’s no such functionality yet, but it could be easily implemented. Are you a developer or do you have developers to work on that? I could provide guidance.

Alternatively, you could reach out to @ssmusoke who is Ref App lead and ask if it could be included in our road map. It is a longer path and requires finding more people to be interested in the idea.

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@raff, This is just a report sample which has almost all the data/information that is stored in OpenMRS. We have xReport module where we can design the reports (I feel no need to have a new module). Also, @dkayiwa has improved the module to display the link of specific report on patient dashboard.

Data presentation is one of the important part of a system. Therefore, I was thinking to have such a general reports to present all the data available/stored in OpenMRS. so later the implementerd can remove the details that are not important for their client.

@hpardess added it to