How to place an order via the UI ?

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.5

Question: Hello ! I’m discovering OpenMRS for a few days. First I’d like to thank people all who got involved in the project !

I’d like to be able to place orders (meds, labs…) for patients. I haven’t found my way through so far. Would somebody describe the workflow to accomplish that ?

Thanks !


The OpenMRS Reference Application does not (currently) support Order Entry.

There’s an add-on module called orderentryui that begins to add this functionality (but it is not ready for production use, and I’m not aware of anybody actively developing it). I don’t have time to summarize the current state but you can find some details at

Another option to consider if you’re looking for a full EMR, including Order Entry of labs and medications is the Bahmni distribution of OpenMRS. See

Hi Darius,

Thanks for leading me to Bahmni. That’s what I was looking for !