How to Map the domain name to Bahmni in Ubuntu 20.04

Hi Team,

I’ve configured Bahmni in Ubuntu 22.04 (Docker container), and everything works smoothly with IP-based access, The requirement is that we need to map the domain name to the instance.

This is My Scnariao:

  1. The frontend has an Apache server (reverse proxy), and behind it runs Bahmni in a Docker container in Ubuntu 22.04.
  2. I’ve mapped the domain name, but the main page is working fine with SSL. However, when we access the internal pages (i.e., ClINICLA SERVICE, LABORATORY), it is redirected to the IP address. Could you please help on this? if you have any documentation for domain mapping and SSL integration on Ubuntu 22.04, please share it here.

Thanks, Madhu

I tried also, but nothing comes under my domain name only raw files. Could you please help me how your first page is coming under domain name?