How to make a class support streams(Input/OutputStream)

I want to strat working at TRUNK-5020 and I want to know exactly how to make a class support streams(Input/OutputStream). Ticket link:

@alinmihaila99 i think you can make ComplexData implement the DataSource.Class interface from the java api sine it has the getInputStream() & getInputStream() methods for the streams that you want to support

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Thank you!

You will also take a deep dive in updating ObservationResource1_8.setValue to delegate to ObsHandlers(like ImageHandler, MediaHandler,BinaryDataHandler) as complex data. According to the descripton of the ticket, ObsHandlers should return into a serializable value with the uri to fetch raw complex value, so my advice would be first dive into how handlers implement to complex data and see how to they can support xstreams.