How to load sub modules within Reports

I am looking for a way of loading sub modules (if they exist any way) within Reports module present in Reference Application. After simulating this module on different instances ie qa instance, and sdk local instance all return into null modules.

what do you mean by sub modules and null modules?

i dont think i understand that

Use case: When a user clicks on Reports module present in Ref App as seen on UI, the module returns null

what do you call null ??

When you click in that specific module after login , the module is empty.

Hey @k.joseph @mozzy did my point reach home ?

can your screenshot the module you are clicking on?

The porpose of the reporting UI is to provide a user interface for the Reporting Module in the Reference Application 2.x user interface

By default, this module/app only shows an empty page.
It must be configured to display the reports ,either via a custom Module or via the app configuration.

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I would think ,we can include some of the default basic reports generated by the reporting module into the app’s default configuration