How to key in ICD10 in Bahmni / OpenMRS and Display it ?

I am required to provide ICD 10 coding mechanism by “ICD 10 coding” users in the Bahmni / OpenMRS.

Scenario by flow

  1. A doctor diagnoses a patient in the Consultation tab, doctor closes / ends the patient visit.
  2. After a day or two, a ICD 10 coding user (person who specify if a particular patient belong to which ICD 10) will need to update or append the patient visit information above with the correct ICD 10.
  3. The ICD 10 specified should show up in Bahmni patient Dashboard just like diagnosis.

My question.

  1. Is the coding process should be done on Bahmni / OpenMRS ?
  2. I notice there’s Reference Term in OpenMRS. Is this being used anywhere in Bahmni ?
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Indeed, if you use the CIEL dictionary within OpenMRS you will have ICD-10 codes automatically assigned via the reference maps. However, Bahmni does not yet fully use the CIEL dictionary and mapping, so that might be something for us to discuss.

Hi @akanter,

I was trying to tackle this using “add observation” in OpenMRS. However the added observation does not show up in Bahmni. Maybe because it was added after the patient closed visit? is it possible to add new observation on an encounter that has been closed ?

By the way, could you show me how to use CIEL dictionary in OpenMRS? If that gets the job done then I wouldn’t mind using it.


It is easy to use CIEL with OpenMRS. It is not so easy to use it with the Bahmni distribution since the concept dictionary has not been migrated to be CIEL-compliant.

You mentioned that is easy, but I couldnt’ find any where online how to use CIEL with OpenMRS. Could you elobrate it with steps perhaps ?