How to install and use Bahmni Lab independently

How can I install bahmni Lab without installing entire bahmni package.


Hello @rajib

As you want to install Bahmni Lab only without installing the whole Bahmni package.

You can follow Bahmni wiki documents. : Recommended installing Bahmni 92 version which is the latest and stable Bahmni version.

Follow the steps from “#Prerequisite for the fresh installation of Bahmni” to step " source ~/.bashrc ".

1.If You want to install only Bahmni LAB with editing local file

Now edit the “local” file (Reference local file)

sudo vi /etc/bahmni-installer/local

Sample configuration shown below,






2. If You want to install Bahmni LAB with a single installation command then you can use following command

run this command

bahmni -i local --only bahmni-lab install

The above command will install only Bahmni LAB.

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Thank’s for the reply. Can it be possible to install only bahmni lab independently using virtualbox on Ubuntu.


Yes, You can install only Bahmni Lab independently using VirtualBox on Ubuntu.

You just need to ready VirtualBox with centos and follow the above Bahmni Lab installation steps that will solve your problem.

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Is it possible to independently install bahmni lab using vagrant on ubuntu. If so please guide me out.

I got the clarity. Thanks for helping me out