how to go about developing a mobile App for openMRS

Application Name: implementation of android app for openMRS Version Number:

Question: I want to impliment a mobile app for openMRS but after reading through all the documentation i can seems to understand much…

Anybody with ideas on how to get started…

Did you get a chance of looking at this ?Getting Started with openmrs-android-sdk - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

cc @saurabh

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@emyyoung lets get on zoom sometime we both are free, so that I can help you with your doubts and maybe you can help me understand the gaps in our documentation for getting started :slightly_smiling_face:

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@saurabh that will be lovely… just tell me the time and date you’re free and i will make time to make it happen

@jwnasambu No i haven’t… let me read up and get back to you, thank you so much.

oh and P.S: i was talking about using other frameworks like flutter or react native

what about any time after 7PM IST will that work for you ?

7 p.m IST is around 2:30 pm here… unfortunately i will be pretty occupied… can i get your social media handle so it will be easier to communicate a suitable time?

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you can mail me with suitable time.

Thanks… i will