how to get different value for a concept

Hi, i tried to export all medical information for all patients, here what i have done so far but i am stuck to get the different values entered for a concept for example gere is the WEIGHT . i put the image below so you can easily understand what i mean.

here is the Weight(in french poids), i have different for some visit but i do not know how to display all the value with the datetime.

Any idea on how to do it please.

Thank you, regards.

Is this of help? Data Export - UgandaEMR User Manual

cc @ssemakadde

@dkayiwa yes i have already done what is explained in Data Export - UgandaEMR User Manual but I tried the Row-per-obs Data Exports like explain here it should give me diffrent values stored from a concept ReportingCompatibility Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki still do not get the values stored. a concept can have more than one value stored, i need to see all the values for differents visits.

Are you able to reproduce it here?

@dkayiwa it is difficult to try it here i do not have the cohort builder install i need it. my purpose is to retrieve all the visit information for all the patients.

I would like to export all visit data