How to get a list of posts with no responses!

@r0bby and others, is there a way i can get a list of posts that never got responses?

I can get you this…can it wait until Tuesday?

Yes i can comfortably wait! Thanks @r0bby for the very fast response!!! :slight_smile:

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Why do you need this anyways? If it’s old, it doesn’t really matter much anymore.

@r0bby am doing an analysis of what percentage of posts we do not actually reply to.

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nice idea. I hope that it is a small number–maybe you can figure out why it looks like we dont respond ( time posted? title unclear? ask unclear? )

would be nice to help us mitigate this, if it is a problem… thanks for getting this, robby

The better metric however would be mean time to first reply, trended over time. Sometimes we have topics which are just announcements and need no replies.

@robby, i think that you are right about what we should track over time.