How to Expand Data Sets in Xreports

I am sorry bother people for a trivial question and particularly for something I must have done before and just forgotten but just cant find the wiki on it!!

So under Manage Report Definitions I have created a data set for an Xreport that seems to work fine when previewed.

I have added an item to the Xreport design using the exact same data set name. I have saved and refreshed, but the dataset does not expand showing the contained fields.

What am I forgetting to do?

Are you able to reproduce that here?

In the Xreport MAT has Simple Dataset added as a design item but but does not immediately expand to allow the placement of the contained fields on the design surface.

You need to specify the source of the report using this screen:

Got you. I guess I had simplistically assumed that XReports were rather separate from (traditional) reports I now understand that I must create a reports definition that relates to a dataset definition and then use the report definition as a source to my Xreport. I will try and find time to reread the wiki and ensure others can follow the process.

However, I am afraid it has not been a good day with confidence going somewhat downhill in my understanding - questions abound.

I would like to add middle-name to the dataset in a similar manner to familyName, givenName, birthdate but I cannot figure out whether these are global default datanames or if they are defined someplace else as a shorthand for person attributes and hence where I should define/find the syntax for middle name?

I would like also to print the patient id twice on a number of reports once in the barcode font and once in a plain text and so folks can choose whether to keyboard or scan. The Xreport designer however seems to restrict to only one instance of a data item on the design surface. Is there a way around this?

The label and maybe ID card print were planned to be choices under the patient summary link following a patient search however when I pick say the label print it seems that the context of the selected person is lost and the labels are printed for another? I am using a custom patient id and wonder if this is the problem??

And to top it all the barcode font has stopped functioning. I have retraced by steps with many saves and o report designs but all to no avail.

If you have the patience I think I need quite a bit of advice here.

I would need to see what exactly you have done. So i recommend that you do the report on this server: such that i can take a look. After having it all working, you will just go through the same steps on your local server.