How to expand all Observations forms

Hi Bahmni team, Is there a way to customize the default view of the forms available via the Clinical Observations forms? We created a few custom forms that are members of the ‘All Observations Templates’ concept set. When we click on the Observations tab no form is displayed:

Have to click on the bottom on that green grid and add the forms to the page:

Is there a way to display those forms expanded by default? Is it possible to limit the number of forms available in the Observations tab? We would like to have a separate tab only for the Vitals form and then another tab for a few other custom forms that do not include the Vitals form? If it helps here is our config.


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Hi @cioan

For Each grid there is button on right side which is highlighted in below image. You can click on it so at-least you need not to click green grid every time.

To display in all Expanded format, somebody will reply for it. But I think that is not possible right now. But let’s wait for reply.

Hi @vvmane, Thank you for your response. That worked! Thanks.

The approach @vvmane specified is used when users want to view the templates specific to them. Example: Lets say user1 wants to see “Vitals” and user2 wants to see “History and Examinations” Marking the templates as favourite is the right approach. In this case, when user1 logs in to Bahmni, the observation tab will only show “Vitals” and similarly when user2 logs in, the observation tab will show “History and Examinaions”

If you want the templates to be displayed for all the users by default on the observations tab, then that those templates should be configured as default in the extension.json of clinical module.

Please look at “Showing observation templates by default in Observations page

In this case, as per above example both user1 and user2 will see these defaulted sections.

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Hi @sravanthi17, Thank you for your help. The instructions you pointed out to me do not seem to be working. I added the following config to our clinical/extension.json:

but it had no effect on displaying the template by default. If you would like you could log on our test server as test/Test1234 and see our deployed app config. Thanks!

Hello @cioan,

Please change the extensionPointId to “org.bahmni.clinical.conceptSetGroup.Vitals_concept

The format of extensionPointId is “org.bahmni.clinical.conceptSetGroup.{{url_of_tab_configured}}” In your case it is Vitals_concept as configured here

Also can you please explain the use case of having two observations tab ? I don’t think Bahmni supports multiple observation tab’s.

Since you have configured the landing page as Vitals and the configuration for vitals tab is not proper (as pointed before you should change the extensionPointId), the app assumes that there are no default templates configured. Though the observation tab has default templates configured and come’s up on ui as separate tab, App still assumes it as same page as Vitals (where no defualt configuration).

Hi @sravanthi17, Thank you for your help. We would like to have a Vitals form that has its own tab separated from the rest of the other observation forms we have. We split our consultation forms in a few different sub-forms: Vitals, Screening, History and Physical Exam. We would like to have Vitals accessed via one tab and then the rest of the forms accessed via a different tab. Is it possible to configure Bahmni in such a way? Thanks.

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Hi cioan, How did you make that your testing bahmni can be accessed from a different IP, that would help a lot.