How to edit display control or consultation tab labels

Hello friends, how can i edit display control/consultation tab labels

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Thank you Darius for moving my request to the right forum, I hope to be helped soon

Hi Justine, The labels can be edited through configurations. For display controls in clinical -> dashboard.json and for labels like Orders,etc in Consutation -> extension.json Look at the file structure here : and the clinical app configurations here :

If you are new to Bahmni implementation please go through the implementers guide :'s+Guide

Thank you Arjun, have been trying to make changes in ->extension.json but i usually don’t find any label change at the tab

Would rename “label”:“Observations” but wouldn’t get any difference

Hi Justine, The system (code) looks at the translationKey first and if a value corresponding to that key is found in locale json file as described here :, then that is displayed. You may want to change the value in that file and try it.

@arjun Thanks it worked for me. I really appreciate your support